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So what is Battle Lords about, anyways?


We don't want to reveal too much all at once.  So you will only know as much on this page that you can learn from watching the first few episodes (so beware of spoilers!).  But Battle Lords is about a group of friends that are drawn into a medieval fantasy world where they are transported to when they are asleep. One by one, they become aware that they are portraying characters in a story that already seems to be in progress.  
If they die in the dream world, they do not die in real life; they simply resurrect back into the dream world when they fall back asleep. But before long, it's obvious that these are not just ordinary dreams. Something sinister is going on, much more diabolical than sharing a collective dream.

Who created this world?  What's at stake?  If you don't die in real life when you're killed in the dream world, is there another cost?  And who are all of these people and how did they all get there?

Stay tuned...

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