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We're not wealthy people, but we love what we do, and we're willing to spend every penny we have on it!  Unfortunately, that's EXACTLY what we do, and having a little bit of help is deeply appreciated.  Producing a web series is a challenging experience in many ways, and budget is usually on the top five of challenges.  We have learned to make a little go a long way, but the more we can raise, the better Battle Lords will be. On the right side of each page, there is a "Donate" button that accepts a credit card donation for whatever you choose.  Plus, you'll be included in the credits as an associate producer for whatever episode we're working on when you donate!


Do you really want to help out with Battle Lords, but you just don't have any money?  You can still be a part of Battle Lords if you live in the Southwestern area of Pennsylvania.  We always need more cast and crew, particularly extras.  You don't need to have any garb or weapons, or even any acting or combat experience (although all of those things are helpful).

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