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So, we may be producing a medieval/fantasy web series, but we’re also fans of other web series!  Check out these cool web series that have a medieval and/or fantasy theme:


Journey Quest – A terrific web series from the makers of The Gamers!  Four warriors are on a quest while being followed by a bard, and hunted by orcs and bounty hunters. Comedy.

All's Faire – Portrays life at a struggling Renaissance Festival.  Not fantasy, but definitely medieval, and a lot of fun!  Comedy.

Spellfury – This one is kind of like the old Land of the Lost show, but a lot more fun.  Elves, thieves, creatures, evil warlords…what more could you ask for!  Comedy.

Good Knight’s Quest – While playing a video game, a young man finds himself joined in a quest to save the world when two players exit the game into the real world.  Kind of like a reverse-Battle Lords!  Comedy.

Viking Dad – What would it be like growing up in the modern world if your father was a Viking?  Click on the link to find out!  Comedy.

Which Die is That Again? – A group of gamers play a role-playing game while their in-game avatars battle it out.   Comedy.

The Legend of Neil – A video-game player takes a break from a game and while he, um, self-services the engine, he is transported into the game of The Legend of Zelda and portrays the role of Link!  Comedy.

Apotheosis - A medieval-fantasy drama about the investigation of a series of murders. Mystery.

Legends of Atoll - The series follows the follies and triumphs of a ragtag trio of adventurers who must become somewhat reluctant heroes after they accidentally unleash "The destroyer of mountains" on the land of Atoll.  Comedy.
Brothers Barbarian - Two young barbarians have an evil spell cast upon them and are turned into middle aged men.  That doesn't stop them from ravaging the countryside! Comedy.
Border Guardians of Ackernon - Ackernon has been protected from their enemy by the Great Wall which has in turn been protected by Magic and the elite graduates of the University. Now, for unknown reasons, the wall is failing and the University is under attack from the very government they serve.  Fantasy.
Castle Siege - About a group of role playing misfits who can't seem to get out of character. Comedy.
Legends of the Realm - Heroes defend their castle as an evil army tries to overrun them. Fantasy.
Standard Action - "A fantasy-comedy webseries for geeks of all kinds".  Comedy


The Heresy Saga – A beautifully dark animated show about the Crusades.  They should win an award simply for being the first ones to think of such a thing!  Action-Drama.

Metagame – So this one is only half-animated, but the animation is terrific!  Comedy.

Doraleous and Associates – A comedy series featuring knights and castles.  Comedy.

Walking in Circles - Five heroic adventurers on one epic quest with no clue what they're doing.  Comedy.


Mind's Eye – Harry Potter meets…well, a LOT of different things.  Pirates, ninjas, wizards, cowboy samurais (not, there isn’t supposed to be a comma in between those!).  Terrific effects on this one!  Action-Drama.

Team Epic – OK, so this one isn’t really medieval, but one of the characters is a scantily-clad warrior with a spear.  Close enough for us! Comedy.



Fear of Girls – A faux-reality show about two socially-inept gamers.  Comedy.

The Guild – Probably one of the most successful web series on the Internet.  Need I say more?  Comedy.

GOLD - Did you know there is such a thing as professional role-playing gamers?  Neither did we.  Check it out...

Acolytes - "A group of misfits that turn to an online MMO to hide from the world outside. Little do they know that they all live in the same neighborhood."  Comedy.

Thwackers - Two gamers aspire to be professional gamers.  Comedy.

Chaotic Good Online - A group of gamers battle it out in a roleplaying game, but seem to be battling it out in real life just as much.  Comedy.

Gamer Chick - "A comedy web series about taking what the dice roll gives you." Comedy.

O-Cast - Greek gods fall from the sky and set up shop in New York City.  Comedy.
Rainbow Bridge - Norse gods come to Earth (Midgard) and set up shop in a high school to stop Ragnarok (the end of the world in Norse mythology).   Sadly, this one has ended, but don't let that stop you from watching it, it's hilarious!  Comedy.

Western X - "A mysterious traveler with pieces of his memory erased must walk the wastelands of a western world to find the truth behind his identity."
Aidan 5 - "AIDAN 5 chronicles the journey of one detective who must unravel the mystery behind the serial killings of his own clones."

OTHER WEBSITES: - Web page that covers a variety of fantasy web series.
Celtic or Not - Where we got our cool background image.
Stage and Steel - A theater troupe based out of Pittsburgh, PA, specializing in live theater and stage combat.

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